How Our Pricing Works

Our Policies
Standard Document Session
1 Document
1 Stamp
1 Participant


Document without stamp $ 2.00* 
Additional Stamp – $ 7.50 **
Additional Signer – $ 5.00
Need A Witness ?
Signer-provided - Witness – $2.00
USA Notary provided witness  - $10.00
Our Policies:
* USA Notary does not limit the number of pages allows in a single document.    If you have multiple documents, you may want to merge them to a single document before uploading to USA Notary.   A separate document will incur an additional fee if the documents are not merged.

 ** If there are multiple signers on a single document, you may not need two notarial blocks.  A single notarial block can be used if both signers are signing at the same time.   This can save the cost of an additional notary stamp.

Please do not upload just the signature page of a multi-page document.   Notaries cannot notarize an incomplete document.     

Documents must be in English and must be for use in the United States.   If you have a document in a foreign language you must provide a complete translation of the document to English for notarization.


USA Notary and our contracted notaries public may refuse to sign any document for any reason.   If upon review, the notary determines that your document cannot be notarized, you will receive an email canceling the transaction and any charged fee will be immediately refunded.